COVID-19: Repeated data breaches at NHS Lanarkshire 

Hundreds of patients have had their Covid-19 data breached in Lanarkshire.

The Scottish Conservatives asked NHS Lanarkshire how many data breaches there had been in the health board in relation to COVID-19 test results or associated patient data.

On 12 March, 20 patients’ data were compromised on 28 April, 388 patients’ data were compromised again.

Scottish Conservative shadow local government minister Graham Simpson said:

“It is quite worrying to see that in one instance in NHS Lanarkshire almost 400 patients were affected and in another, 20 were affected.

"NHS Lanarkshire should look into why these breaches happened so they can understand what went wrong and make sure it doesn't happen again.

"We don't know the nature of the data breaches, we just have the figures so it would be useful to have an explanation from the health board.

"It is important that patients feel their information is secure, so I would like to hear from the board that measures are in place to ensure there is a tightening up of procedures."