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HPV stigma must end says local MSP

Graham Simpson, MSP for Central Scotland is supporting Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to tackle the myths and stigma around the common virus HPV and get the facts out.

State of Scotland’s housing in decline under the SNP

Three-quarters of homes in Scotland have “some form of disrepair”, a substantial increase on the previous year, a report has revealed. The Scottish Government published its analysis into the state of the country’s homes today.

Tory MSP speaks out against growing NHS wait times

Holyrood, Edinburgh – Today at Holyrood, Graham Simpson MSP for Central Scotland hit out against the First Minister and the SNP Scottish Government for the NHS’ continued failings. During First Minister’s Questions, Mr.

Stewartfield Way: Minister quizzed

The project to dual Stewartfield Way could be changed in the light of the climate change emergency, the Scottish Government has said.

Independent Schools and the Non-Domestic Rates Bill

I believe removing charitable relief from independent schools will have a hugely negative impact on the sector. The Non-Domestic Rates Bill contains many sensible suggestions, but this controversial section proposing removing charitable relief is far from sensible.


The SNP Car Park Tax

The Stage 3 debate on the Transport Bill was long and controversial. I and many of my colleagues fought against the car park tax, which would see hundreds of pounds in charges for people to park at their place of work. 

We voted to leave the EU

I asked the First Minister why councils were having to make business cases to request Brexit preparation money. Unfortunately she spouted the same tired rhetoric that doesn't get us anywhere. Scotland is part of the UK, and the UK voted to leave the EU.