Holyrood News

Independent Schools and the Non-Domestic Rates Bill

I believe removing charitable relief from independent schools will have a hugely negative impact on the sector. The Non-Domestic Rates Bill contains many sensible suggestions, but this controversial section proposing removing charitable relief is far from sensible.


The SNP Car Park Tax

The Stage 3 debate on the Transport Bill was long and controversial. I and many of my colleagues fought against the car park tax, which would see hundreds of pounds in charges for people to park at their place of work. 

We voted to leave the EU

I asked the First Minister why councils were having to make business cases to request Brexit preparation money. Unfortunately she spouted the same tired rhetoric that doesn't get us anywhere. Scotland is part of the UK, and the UK voted to leave the EU.

Minister's pledge on independent schools rates

This morning's Local Government and Communities Committee took evidence from the Minister for Public Finance and Digital Economy as we scrutinised the Non-Domestic Rates Bill.

Graham Simpson introduces mediation into the Planning System

Graham Simpson MSP has successfully lodged an amendment to the Scotland Planning Bill which would introduce mediation int the planning system.  The successful vote took place yesterday and will become part of Scotland’s planning system.

Mental health staff numbers drop ‘significantly’

The number of mental health professionals working in Scotland’s NHS has dropped significantly, despite SNP pledges to make the issue a priority.

Figures released today show there were 269 fewer workers in 2018 than the previous year.