Save Woodhall and Faskine

I firmly believe we must protect the greenbelt.  

Developers have submitted plans to build up to 2,600 homes on greenbelt land near Calderbank.  The planning application has now been closed for objections and comments.  Due to the size of the development a decision on this will be taken by the full council. 

I have been helping campaigners who want to enhance the existing Woodhall and Faskine estates.   

The planning application, if approved, will see not only homes but many roads, a petrol station and retail outlets in place of open space and woodland.  

This is not ‘nimbyism’ but a vital part of protecting our natural heritage.  Whilst we must build homes, these homes should be built on land designated for this purpose; not built on land specifically designated as green belt.   

As the species champion for the holly tree, I care strongly for the woodland across our nation and I am dedicated to fighting to protect our precious green belt.  The community is leading the important fight to save this natural heritage.  

North Lanarkshire Council itself states that “the purpose of the Green Belt is to protect the setting of communities, support regeneration by directing growth to urban areas, protect natural assets and provide a high quality environment”.  

This planning application is in direct contradiction to this statement. 

I very much hope that North Lanarkshire Council rejects it. 

The Save Woodhall and Faskine (SWAF) group is collecting funds to help mount the campaign against the developers and their PR machine.  If you care about saving this piece of greenbelt you can donate to the fund now.  Or get in touch with SWAF to offer your help to deliver leaflets or support the campaign however you can.