Proposed New-Build Homes (Buyer Protection) (Scotland) Bill

I believe housing is a human right.  I believe everyone deserves a safe and secure place to call home.  Already in Scotland we have legislation to protect residents across all tenures such as Landlord registration, Letting Agent Registration, the Tolerable Standard, and future legislation to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty. 

What is lacking, however, is statutory redress for buyers of new build property if there is a serious defect in the property.  It is astounding that in 21st century Scotland, we have more rights if a kettle is defective than if a new-build home is defective.

We put our trust in the builders of our new homes.  And with thousands of new homes being completed every year, we need to ensure these purchasers are not left with a faulty home and no consumer protection.  The average cost of a new-build home in Scotland is £251,300 and we need to ensure home-owners are not at a financial disadvantage if serious problems arise. 

I have introduced a consultation on a draft bill that aims to address this issue by establishing statutory standardised clauses for builders’ missives and by providing a statutory route for new-build home-buyers to have the necessary protection and redress should there be a fault in the property.

You can read my consultation document here: 

If you have purchased a new-build home, or if you are a professional within the sector, please respond to this consultation.  The deadline is Thursday 27 June 2019.

Online responses can be submitted here:

Responses are published below. 

I look forward to hearing from you.



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