Parking around Hairmyres station in East Kilbride

The issue of parking, or lack of it, around Hairmyres station in East Kilbride is long-standing. I dealt with it when I was a councillor for the area and nothing has really changed since.

SNP cuts to GP numbers in Lanarkshire

Graham Simpson MSP has condemned the fall in the number of GP practices under 11 years of SNP rule.

The number of GP practices has fallen by 10 per cent in Lanarkshire since 2007 under an SNP Government. The number of practices has fallen in Lanarkshire from 115 in 2007 to 106 in 2017.

East Kilbride News Column November 2018

LAST week I had the rare treat of being able to watch an entire Budget speech uninterrupted, thanks to Philip Hammond holding it on a Monday.

Planning Bill Part 2 Blog

Amendments to the Planning Bill continue to be debated and voted on. The Local Government and Communities Committee has so far had five sittings dealing with them at Stage Two of the Bill and we are likely to have at least two more.