The work done by Shelter Scotland can’t be underestimated

I’m part of an inquiry by MSPs into homelessness across Scotland and wanted to see for myself the role Shelter Scotland plays in dealing with homeless families with the most serious issues.

I was invited down to see for myself the work being done by Linda McCann and her staff after hearing the level of support offered by Shelter Scotland to families in desperate need of their help and advice.

Linda explained that Shelter Scotland are involved in every aspect from the initial contact and are there to offer support and encouragement every step of the way.

Many seeking help have fled their homes to escape abuse, both physical and mentally and are at their lowest ebb in terms of their self-worth.

The work done by Shelter Scotland in helping people take back control of their life and building their confidence can’t be underestimated.

Many of the people that come to Shelter Scotland are from families with major issues and have never been taught basic life skills.

Even simple things like showing someone how to cook for themselves builds their confidence. Linda explained that they now run a club on a Friday showing people how to cook simple meals that most take for granted.

Shelter Scotland's long term support plan means they can offer help where it’s needed for those who want to get their life back on track.

I also heard of the excellent working partnership Shelter Scotland has with South Lanarkshire Council, who fund the county-wide service in Blantyre.

What was apparent to me was the great work being done by Shelter Scotland and the council. This partnership is a perfect example of joined up thinking.

Both work in tandem to ensure that the vulnerable people who need their services are offered as much support as possible to get them back to a lifestyle that many of us take for granted.