SNP’s centralisation agenda has dismantled local policing

The SNP’s centralisation agenda has dismantled local policing. This was confirmed again by the authoritative Scottish Crime and Justice Survey, published this week.

More and more people across Scotland and Lanarkshire agree that there has been a decline in police patrols in their communities under the SNP. In Lanarkshire 61 per cent believe that there is not enough police presence in the local area. 

The Scottish Conservatives have previously condemned the SNP’s broken pledge to maintain 1,000 extra bobbies on the beat.

Graham Simpson said “Since the SNP merged the local police forces, people across Lanarkshire have noticed fewer and fewer police officers on our streets.

“We know that the number of constables on frontline duties has reduced since Police Scotland was created.

“Local police presence is essential to prevent and detect criminal behaviour. Visibility is a key element of tackling crime and provides welcome reassurance to the public. Under the SNP, we are seeing an increasingly soft-touch approach to justice. The SNP must give Police Scotland the resources it needs to keep us safe”.