SNP must provide supermarkets with list of vulnerable people for delivery slots

The SNP government has been urged to supply supermarkets with the list of Scotland’s most vulnerable people to help them prioritise delivery slots during the coronavirus pandemic.

The UK Government has already provided chains south of the border with the details of those who will struggle most to access essential everyday items.

But businesses here are understood to still be waiting, with some being forced to interpret their own data to work out which of their customers is most vulnerable.

The Scottish Government has written to around 120,000 “shielded” individuals warning of the health implications of Covid-19.

It’s that list, the Scottish Conservatives said, that should be shared with big supermarkets.

Scottish Conservative Graham Simpson, MSP for Central Scotland said:

“Supermarkets and their workers have played a vital role as Scotland comes to terms with the impact of the coronavirus.

“But they need more help in ensuring the most vulnerable people can access delivery slots.

“We’re all aware of examples where people are getting regular deliveries when perhaps they shouldn’t be.

“But the big chains can only amend this if they have the data to do so.

“Supermarkets have shown with their dedicated opening hours for elderly and NHS workers that they’re committed to getting this right.

“The UK Government has managed this down south, now it’s time for the SNP government to step up here.”