Increased numbers of delayed discharges are a disgrace declares Conservative MSP

AN MSP has hit out after the number of delayed hospital discharges increased in Lanarkshire.

In June 2018, 42,375 days were spent in hospital by people whose discharge was delayed across Scotland. This is an increase of 8% compared with 39,252 days in June 2017.    

NHS Lanarkshire saw the number of delayed discharges jump from 185 in June 2017 to 199 in June 2018 - an increase of 8 per cent.

Central Scotland Tory MSP Graham Simpson said “These figures are extremely concerning. Despite all the promises of the SNP to eradicate delayed discharge these figures show that the number of patients languishing in inappropriate care settings is significantly worse.

“The SNP has used winter and flu as excuses for everything from increasingly cancelled operations to lengthening mental health waiting times. There is simply no excuse for these latest worsening figures other than the mismanagement of the SNP. With the longest ever waiting times, a failure to support primary care and staff morale at rock bottom, the SNP has to get a grip of this situation.”