Frustration over Wishaw fly-tipping

Tory MSP Graham Simpson and North Lanarkshire Councillor Nathan Wilson visited the area surrounding Shieldmuir Station and were appalled at its horrendous, garbage-laden state due to illegal fly-tipping.

Mr. Simpson and Cllr Wilson are speaking out on behalf of concerned constituents and are calling on North Lanarkshire Council to act where possible.

The MSP said: “It’s utterly irresponsible, and criminal how some people are treating this land. The environmental and social impact of such disregard for public space cannot be understated.

“The problem will only be compounded if the waste remains and is not removed. It will only attract even more incidents.

“It is incredibly important to maintain clean a safe environment not only for local residents but for local wildlife. 

"Wishaw residents take great pride in their community and are rightly frustrated with those who fly-tip, and frustrated when it doesn't get cleaned up.

“Of course we need to know who owns this land, which sits behind industrial units near the railway but we want North Lanarkshire Council to do what they can to get it tidied up.”

"With cuts from the SNP government it is becoming harder and harder for all councils to deal with the issue.

Cllr Wilson said: "It's horrendous and completely unacceptable to dump waste in this manner."