Stewartfield Way Dualling

Stewartfield Way is another City Deal project. I’ve seen nothing that convinces me that there is any merit in dualling this road. It will cause massive disruption for those living nearby – indeed for the whole of East Kilbride and as someone who lives in the area it strikes me as being totally unnecessary.

People in Stewartfield have been waiting for years to see if South Lanarkshire Council is going to go ahead with its plan to dual the entire length of Stewartfield Way. This £62million project would be funded through the City Deal. My view is that there is no justification for spending this money. I am not clear what problem it is meant to be fixing or what possible benefits it could bring. All it will cause is years of disruption. Part of the project was to build a flyover from Stewartfield Way, across the Kingsgate roundabout onto the expressway, and I can see the merit in that.

I have been trying to get an answer from SNP council leader John Ross but he just won’t say what he wants to do. I recently asked Councillor Susan Aitken, who chairs the City Deal board, if South Lanarkshire had asked for any changes to any of its projects and she confirmed that have not. That is not good enough.

If you want to voice your opposition to the proposal to dual Stewartfield Way please complete my online survey. 


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